Alpadia Summer Camp Werbellinsee

EJB Werbellinsee GmbH, 20 Joachimsthaler Straße, 16247 Berlin, DE–Germany
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150 Вместимость(студентов)
10+ Мин.возраст
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Learn English and German at Alpadia Summer Camp in Berlin-Werbellinsee 

Age 10-17 

Ideally located on the banks of Lake Werbellinsee, our centre is surrounded by the forest, set in a vast protected estate of more than 100 hectares, where nature and lakes prevail. 

Our centre boasts its own beach, a sports hall, beach volleyball courts, a large-screen movie theatre and kiosk, as well as many other leisure facilities. Each bedroom accommodates up to three students and has a private bathroom with shower. Classrooms are bright and well suited for stimulating language classes, located only a short walk away from the residence. Thanks to our weekly excursions to Berlin, there is also the opportunity to discover the capital city's exciting attractions. 


Learning English in Berlin-Werbellinsee offers you a bilingual environment surrounded by natural beauty. Classes can be taken in several formats; Standard, Standard + Private or Intensive, all of which take place in the morning, allowing all students to take part in the afternoon activities. Though not an immersion course per se, English remains a common language at camp, helping you strengthen your communication skills and fluency with the language. 

Taking German classes in Berlin-Werbellinsee gives you the chance to get immersed in the language while being able to take advantage of the bilingual nature of the camp. Standard, Standard + Private or Intensive courses take place every morning so that you can benefit from active afternoons. Plenty of opportunity is given for you to practise the language after class and motivating teaching techniques are used to help you improve your level and develop your courage communicating. 

Available courses:

  • Standard English in Werbellinsee 20; 
  • Intensive English in Werbellinsee 25; 
  • Private English in Werbellinsee; 
  • Standard German in Werbellinsee 20; 
  • Intensive German in Werbellinsee 25; 
  • Private German in Werbellinsee

Student Residence - Triple room 

Surrounded by forest, the bright and modern residence buildings are composed of spacious rooms for three students, each with a private bathroom. Located a few minutes away from the classrooms and dining hall, the residence also has an exterior ping-pong table and indoor lounge area for you and your new friends to relax and hang out in your free time. 




Название курса Уроков/неделя Недель(от/до) Цена за неделю
Standard English in Berlin-Werbellinsee 20 20 1 - 7 53 095 руб. 47 785 руб. Забронировать
Intensive English in Berlin-Werbellinsee 25 25 1 - 7 56 722 руб. 51 050 руб. Забронировать
Standard German in Berlin-Werbellinsee 20 20 1 - 7 53 095 руб. 47 785 руб. Забронировать
Intensive German in Berlin-Werbellinsee 25 25 1 - 7 56 722 руб. 51 050 руб. Забронировать



Plenty of outdoor sports activities are on the menu at this lakeside camp! From swimming to volleyball, from beach games to sightseeing and shopping in Berlin, you will be kept active thanks to our enthusiastic team and entertaining programme.

  • Standard included activities 

Every afternoon you will spend your time at camp engaged in one of the many activities made available. Whether you prefer to lounge around the beach or get soaking wet in the water, plenty of games and excursions are on the menu to ensure you enjoy your time outside the classroom. 

  • Optional complementary activities 

Three afternoons per week are allocated to the optional Premium+ activities; Creative arts, Horse riding and Watersports plus.

  • Premium+ Creative Arts

Discover your inner artist and explore creative techniques that will allow you to express yourself and create individual or group pieces of art. 

  • Premium+ Horse Riding

Enjoy mounting these majestic and gracious creatures, only a stone's throw from the camp residence! Around the manege and beyond, your experienced instructor will show you different skills. 

  • Premium+ Watersports Plus

Take advantage of the lakeside location and get splashing with our menu of aquatic fun; waterskiing, sailing, stand-up paddle and rowing. 


Being located in a UNESCO protected reserve abundant with natural beauty; there are plenty of places to explore in the region. The extra bonus is being relatively close to Berlin, one of the most contemporary and historically rich capitals in Europe.  

  • Hiking excursion

Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy this leisurely trail through the forest and along Lake Werbellin for an afternoon of outdoor exploration and exercise. 

  • Victory Column

Enjoy spectacular views over Berlin from this 66.89 metre monument, built in 1873 to commemorate the Prussian victory over Denmark during the Danish-Prussian war. 

  • Kletterwald adventure park

Grab a rope and get prepared for a fun-packed afternoon in the trees; climbing, balancing and sliding through the branches on 7 different trails with 95 diverse obstacles. 

  • Berlin shopping

Explore an extraordinary city that boasts a whole host of cultural and historical highlights, not to mention plenty of cool boutiques. 

  • Potsdam

Discover the former Prussian royal home with its castles, splendid gardens and palaces, officially classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  • Tropical Islands

Splash about in the largest tropical aquatic park in Europe, featuring a sandy beach, palm trees, lagoon and waterslides.

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