Alpadia Summer Camp Ascona

Collegio Papio - Ascona, 1 Via delle Cappelle, 6612 Ascona, CH–Switzerland
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150 Вместимость(студентов)
13+ Мин.возраст
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Learn English and Italian at Alpadia Summer Camp in Ascona

Age 13-17. 

Ideally situated only a stone’s throw away from the small streets of the old town and the quays lining the banks of Lake Maggiore, our Ascona course centre is located in the magnificent Collegio Papio.

The main building is a renovated 16th century cloister next to the modern school complex that houses the classrooms and bedrooms. The location is perfectly adapted to language summer camp, including bright and modern classrooms with audiovisual equipment, an auditorium, a computer room offering free internet access, a games area offering pool and table football as well as pitches to practice basketball, football and volleyball. 


Learning English at Alpadia Ascona offers you a fantastic opportunity to learn the language in an exotic, lakeside location. Our energetic teachers will provide you with the skills needed to advance your knowledge, helping you boost your confidence. Despite the Italian speaking location, you will find that you have plenty of opportunity to practise your English with fellow international students and staff members. With a choice of Standard English, Intensive English and Standard + Private English classes, you can progress at the pace that best suits your needs. 

Spending the summer in Ascona to learn Italian gives you the chance to enjoy yourself while learning in a lively, international atmosphere. With classes every morning and afternoons filled with fun activities, you will get the most out of your summer holiday. With the options of Standard Italian, Intensive Italian or Standard + Private Italian classes, you will receive a high level of teaching to ensure you progress and build your confidence in the language.

Available courses: 

  • Standard English in Ascona 20; 
  • Intensive English in Ascona 25; 
  • Private English in Ascona; 
  • Standard Italian in Ascona 20; 
  • Intensive Italian in Ascona 25; 
  • Private Italian in Ascona

Student Residence - Twin/Quadruple room

At Alpadia Ascona, you are housed in the modern extension to the 16th century "Collegio Papio" building where classes are held, with two to four students sharing a room and bathroom with shower and toilet. There is a lounge that leads on to a massive terrace where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the spectacular views in your free time.  




Название курса Уроков/неделя Недель(от/до) Цена за неделю
Standard Italian in Ascona 20 20 1 - 5 85 432 руб. 76 889 руб. Забронировать
Intensive Italian in Ascona 25 25 1 - 5 90 905 руб. 81 814 руб. Забронировать
Standard English in Ascona 20 20 1 - 5 85 432 руб. 76 889 руб. Забронировать
Intensive English in Ascona 25 25 1 - 5 90 905 руб. 81 814 руб. Забронировать



The gorgeous region around Ascona offers you many outdoor activities to take advantage of. Our entertaining programme offers adventure and excitement, ensuring that you have fun and enjoy your summer days with us.

  • Standard included activities

We make sure that you are kept active and the proposed activities cater to varied interests. Whether you enjoy team sports, swimming, sunbathing or shopping, our fantastic bilingual camp allows all of this and much more!

  • Optional complementary activities 

Three times a week, afternoons are allocated to the optional Premium+ activities: Creative arts, Tennis and Watersports plus. 

  • Premium+ Creative Arts

Get involved in a variety of creative projects – drawing, painting, sculpting, making collages – under the guidance of our experienced teacher. 

  • Premium+ Tennis

Improve your tennis skills on indoor or outdoor courts, receiving guidance and useful tips from your dedicated instructor.

  • Premium+ Watersports Plus

Take advantage of our ideal setting on Lake Maggiore, where watersports activities include waterskiing, sailing and stand-up paddling. 


Known as one of the most beautiful and exotic parts of the country, the Italian part of Switzerland has a generous range of places to visit and things to do; from shopping in the city to fun at a water park; from a boat trip to a leisurely walk on a mountain peak.

  • Monte Tamaro

View an impressive panorama from the mountain peak that is home to Mario Botta's Church of S. Maria degli Angeli. 

  • Three castles in Bellinzona

Wander around this group of UNESCO World Heritage classified medieval fortifications, located in the capital of Switzerland's Italian canton, Ticino.

  • SplashSpa waterpark

Get ready for a thrilling day at this exciting water park that features several pools and five exhilarating water slides.

  • Brissago Islands Tour

Discover two islands located in Lake Maggiore known for their lush botanical gardens with exotic and subtropical plants. 

  • Lugano shopping

Explore a lovely Italian-influenced Swiss village where there are plenty of boutiques and specialty stores.

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